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Regardless of what is written below, the final guiding rules to be followed regarding Marine Corps League uniforms are to be found in the National Bylaws and Administrative Procedures. See especially Enclosure Three for guidance on the Uniform Code and Enclosure Four for information about Medals and Ribbons.

The uniforms worn by the Upstate Marines fall into four classifications: Basic, Casual, Undress, and Ceremonial.

The Basic Uniform; the Basic Cover
 Garrison Cap
The Basic Uniform consists of merely the garrison cap which is called the Basic Cover. When you are wearing the Basic Cover you are considered to be uniformed and under arms.

Pins, ornaments, or ribbons are not authorized for wear on the MCL cover. Nothing goes on the cover except the Marine Corps Emblem on the left side and approved identification strips or embroidery on the right side. The detachment name should be embroidered on the right side, 1/2" to 3/4" up from the bottom of the cover, centered left to right.

The Basic Uniform is commonly worn to the monthly business meetings. It is the minumum uniform for this and all functions.

Uniform Cover Lettering Rules

Guidelines for placement of lettering on uniform covers
At the MCL National Convention in Mobile in August, 2013, rules regarding the lettering on uniform covers were written and will be inserted into Enclosure Three of the National Bylaws. The new rules are for the placement, location, style and size of lettering. Existing lettering or cap strips will be grandfathered in, but new covers will be required to comply with the new rules. The rules state that the style of lettering will be
Franklin Gothic Medium Condensed
, all capitals, and 3/8-inch in height. A maximum of three lines are allowed. The spacing between the lines will be 1/4 inch. The designation of Life membership can be either in the form of a name strip or direct embroidery. If the word Life is used, it is placed 1/2 inch from the rear of the cover and 1/2 inch from the braid. See diagram for additional information on placement.

Casual Uniform

Casual Uniform The Casual Uniform consists of the red blazer (scarlet sports coat) which is worn over a plain white shirt (short sleeve or long sleeve, without collar buttons), the black tie, black slacks, black belt with yellow metal buckle, black plain-toe shoes, black socks, and of course the fore-and-aft cover. The Marine Corps League crest is worn on the left breast side directly under the pocket.

The Casual Uniform would be worn to functions such as meetings, dinners, funerals (pallbearers), and civic functions such as parades.

Undress Uniform

Undress Uniform The Undress Uniform consists of an airline pilot-style white shirt worn over a white t-shirt, no necktie, black slacks, black belt with yellow metal buckle, black plain-toe shoes, black socks, and of course the fore-and-aft cover. The shirt has the Eagle, Globe and Anchor on the collar tabs, an American flag (with white border) on the right sleeve with the starfield forward, the Marine Corps League patch on the left sleeve, and service ribbons (either DOD or MCL, not mixed) worn on the left breast side above the pocket.

This is the warm-weather uniform for activities such as meetings and parades. In the winter, when the weather is cold, this uniform is worn with white gloves and a short, black jacket and becomes the Ceremonial Uniform.

Ceremonial Uniform

The Ceremonial Uniform is the same as the Undress Uniform except that Dress Blue pants, the standard web belt with USMC open-face buckle, and white gloves are worn.

This uniform with an airline pilot-style white shirt is the warm-weather uniform of the Honor Guard.

For a complete list of Honor Guard uniform items click HERE.

In cold weather a black Foul Weather Jacket may also be worn.

The Uniform of Our Associate Members

Associate Members do not to wear the Marine Corps Emblem. The regulations for Associate Member Uniforms are the same as Regular Member Uniforms, except as follows:
  1. The Marine Corps Emblem on the Basic Cover is replaced by the surburst insignia.
  2. On the Casual Uniform, the Crest or Bullion Seal is not worn.
  3. The Sunburst Insignias on the Undress Uniform are replaced with 1/2" x 1/2" gold MCL insignias.
  4. The starfield forward American flag patch is worn on the right shoulder and the Marine Corps League patch with an Associate Rocker attached at the bottom is worn on the left sleeve. They are to be worn in the same way as prescribed on the Regular Member Undress uniforms.
  5. Dress blue trousers are worn, but without the red NCO stripe.

Associate members should check with a Detachment officer before buying uniform items to learn what is currently authorized as National seems to change the rules annually.

Some Advice

Check with the Detachment Quartermaster before ordering uniform items on your own. The Quartermaster may have the item(s) in inventory, or he may be able to save shipping and handling costs by ordering for several members at one time.

Sources for Uniforms, Accessories, and Other Stuff

The vendors that are listed below are for your convenience only. They may not be the only vendors of these uniform materials. They are listed because they are known to me to be suppliers of these materials. Please contact me if you have other vendors that I can list.

~~Red Blazers~~

By mail ~~
The Red Blazer can be bought from the League's Semper Fi Store. Item number is wa195 for men, wa196 for women. Price is $130.00 to $140.00 depending on size (08/14/15). Also perhaps check out the local suppliers listed below.

Locally ~~
Locally red blazers can be bought at
Robinson`s, 215 W. Main St., Easley, SC. Telephone 864-855-0017. (12/20/2012)
and at
M.H. Frank, LTD., 380 College St., Clemson, SC. See Steve Poteet or Jay Reel. Telephone 1-864-654-4484 or 1-800-513-7265. (05/08/13)

~~United States Military Medals and Ribbons~~

Medals of America can supply any and every medal, insignia, display, ribbon, et cetera that you may need. They will be very happy to send you a catalog if you cannot get one from a fellow member. Once you get on their list it seems that you'll receive one or two catalogs every month. Contact them at 1-800-308-0849, or order online at www.medalsofamerica.com/.

~~Marine Corps League Medals, Ribbons, and Patches~~

Marine Corps League Medals, Ribbons, and Patches can be purchased from the League's Semper Fi Store. To see all of the MCL Ribbons in their Order of Precedence click HERE.

~~Uniform Shirts~~

I've bought shirts from Quartermaster and been pleased with the service, price and quality. Sizes are generous (not like the junk that they sell at Parris Island). Their $17.99 shirts look just as good and are made just as well as the $31.99 shirts. Sweaters are a bit large. They sell law enforcement supplies so their catalogs are very interesting. Contact them at 1-800-444-8643 or order online at www.qmuniforms.com. Service on orders is QUICK. Order online to get special deals on shipping and handling.

~~MCL-Specific Items~~

For all those MCL-specific uniform supplies like shoulder patches, covers, ties, belt buckles, cap strips, MCL reference books, et cetera check out the League's Semper Fi Store.

There is no other place to get the MCL items that the League's Semper Fi Store sells.
Their service has improved greatly. At the time of this writing items have been arriving within as soon as three days after ordering.

~~Another Source~~

Another source for red blazers, dress blue trousers, and even evening jackets is The Marine Shop.


Marine Corps League members needing alterations should check out Sew Fine Alterations at 1307 North Boulevard in Anderson. Be sure to tell them that you are a League member to get their special pricing.


If you need the standard embroidery on covers and polo shirts, Sandra Harbin's Stitch This Embroidery & Digitizing is currently set up to do it for Detachment members. Her business address is at 106 Country Garden Lane in Anderson. Call 224-7327 for driving directions.

Recently (12/2012) the Detachment Quartermaster used Custom Embroidery and Gifts to do some embroidery. The shop is located in Anderson on 28 Bypass across from the new Lowe's store. See the link for more information.

~~Fun Stuff~~

For hat pins, Marine clothing for the girlfriend or grandkids, license plates, and such, check out Sgt. Grit at 866-776-2607 or online at https://www.grunt.com/. Also, check out the Sgt Grit Newsletter.

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