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Bylaws and Administrative Procedures


Current (06/09/17) Bylaws of Upstate Marines Detachment 1106
(HTML) (14 pp, PDF)

Department of South Carolina Bylaws and Administrative Procedures, 2007 Edition
       (including 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2014 amendments)
       (Direct from Dept of SC via the Internet, 29 pp, 5.31 MB)

Department of South Carolina Standard Operating Procedures, 2009 Edition
       (Direct from Dept of SC via the Internet, 16 pp, 321 kB)

Standard Operating Procedures of the Southeast Division
       (Direct from the SE Division via the Internet, 12 pp, 4.90 MB)

MCL National Bylaws and Administrative Procedures
       (Online, 1987 Edition, Reformated December 2016, 226 pp, 5.8 MB)