MCL Detachment 1106
Archives and Reference DVD

What is the Archives and Reference DVD?
The Archives disc contains many files relating to the Marine Corps League's Upstate Marines Detachment 1106. It contains bylaws, minutes of meetings, financial records, pictures, and just a lot of other information. The purpose is to record the history of the Detachment and for general reference. See a picture of the disc index page shown below for an idea of all of the material contained in the Archives.
Why a DVD and not a CD?
CDs can hold about 700 MB of data. The Archives consist of over 3000 MB (3 GB) of data in more than 7600 files. It would require five CDs to hold all of the files.
What does the Archives contain?
Again, see the picture of the index page shown below. These Archives contain everything that a member might want to know relative to Detachment 1106. Not only does it contain a record of the Detachment's activities since chartering in 2002, it also contains manuals and even computer software setup files for programs like LibreOffice and CCleaner.
How can one get a copy of the Archives?
  1. To get a copy you must be a member in good standing of Detachment 1106, that is, a current, paid–up member of the Marine Corps League and Detachment 1106.
  2. Email the Adjutant with your request for a disc.
  3. Pick up the disc at a business meeting or other Detachment function. Sorry, no mail outs.
  4. Make a donation to the Detachment. $100 would be nice, but $5 would be sufficient.

This offer is good until June 13th or until the Adjutant runs out of his current supply of blank DVDs, whichever comes first.
You can also get the files on a flash drive or memory card...if you supply it, or the Adjutant will swap 8 GB flash drives with you.

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