Gmail Email Groups

Here is how you set up email groups with Gmail ---

Open Gmail
Click on the 'Gmail' under the word Google
Click on Contacts
Click on New Group
Type in the name of your new group
Click on boxes to the left of the names to copy to your new group
Click on the icon above that looks like a three-toed footprint and is labelled 'Groups'
Click on the box to the left of your new group name
Click on Apply

Note that your group name now shows a number to its right indicating the number of members in the group
Note that the new group can be deleted or renamed using the More menu

To send an email to your group just compose your email then move the cursor to the 'To' box and begin typing the name of your group (e.g. Family, Honor Guard, Post 222, etc.) and the names will appear in the To box

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