For information on the Whys and Hows of this 2017 History of MCL Detachment 1106 see the Guide. Section B of the Guide says the following: All Detachments must submit all information on disk to the Department Historian so it can be compiled into a Department history book to be presented at the Annual Department Convention.

Regardless of what Section B says, this compilation has been prepared with the belief that it would only be submitted to the Department if the Detachment's Board of Trustees would decide to do so. Instead, CDs will be prepared for any members of the detachment who would like to have copies. Because the entire book exceeds 130 pages, there are no plans to print paper copies.

Click on a section number below to view that section of the History. It is requested and hoped that those members who took part in or have additional information regarding the history, especially sections 7 (Community Relations), 10 (Conventions), and 11 (Memorial Day, Veterans Day, and Special Day Observances), will submit their memories which can be added to these sections. In many cases the names of the attendees were never recorded; it would be nice to have the names of those who attended for the record. Your input will be gratefully accepted and incorporated into the record. Photos would be nice too.

Please realize this is a Work in Progress which will hopefully be completed early in the first quarter of 2018. It's never too late to let the writer know if you see any errors such as misspelings, etc. Please send your submittals to stevedm43@gmail.com.

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