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In this newsletter can be posted announcements, notices, or almost anything having to do with the Detachment. The plan is for this newsletter to be updated FREQUENTLY. If you have anything to put in the newsletter, send it to the Web Sergeant at stevedm43@gmail.com


Upcoming Air Show

  [Posted 03/18/18]
A Salute to Veterans of Operations Desert Storm and Enduring Freedom is coming to the Anderson Airport.
Mark your Calendar for THE 2018 BILL AND JO TRENT AIRSHOW, ANDERSON, SC, May 19-20. Saturday and Sunday, at the Anderson Regional Airport. Gates open at 10:00 AM, Airshow begins at 1 PM. The show features many performances, among them: CANADIAN FORCES SNOWBIRDS - Canada's military aerobatic flight demonstration team whose purpose is to demonstrate the skill of the Canadian Forces. A-10 THUNDERBOLT II - The US Air Force's Tactical Demonstration team will bring the "Warthog" A-10 Thunderbolt II to showcase the maneuverability and handling of this aircraft. U.S. ARMY SPECIAL OPERATIONS COMMAND BLACK DAGGERS - The official U.S. Army Special Operations Command Parachute Demonstration Team. AND HELICOPTER RIDES in a classic Bell 47 Helicopter. Cost is $45 per rider online or at the airshow. These are just a few of many attractions. Visit these websites to learn more and for updates: http://andersonairshow.com     https://www.facebook.com/airshowpilot


  [Posted 03/16/18]
The March 2018 edition of the Department of SC Newsletter is now available. To open the newsletter click HERE. At 24 pages and 7MB in size it may be slow to download. Perhaps RIGHT CLICK on the link and choose SAVE TARGET AS... to save the newsletter to your computer. These newsletters always contain good information about happenings in the Department, the Division, and National. Especially see page 12 for a picture of a couple of fellows that I'm sure you will know.

Handgun Raffle

  [Posted 03/16/18]
Don't miss a chance to win a very nice handgun. See Detachment 1106 Senior Vice Commandant Buddy Ferguson for tickets.

Marine for Life Coordinators

  [Posted 03/15/18]
The Marine Corps League is looking for Marine for Life (M4L) Coordinators at the Detachment level. The M4L program will assist Marines leaving active duty and returning to their hometowns. Individuals should be motivated to serve in this position and, more important, they should be knowledgeable of the local area that they will serve.
It appears that National is in the process of formulating a plan to train and/or guide the local M4L Coordinators. If you are interested in being a part of this program, please contact our Detachment 1106 Commandant, Matt Muth.

Vietnam Veterans Day

  [Posted 03/14/18]
Our Anderson County Veterans Service Officer Sammy Lewis reports that South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster will be holding a special Vietnam Veterans Day Ceremony on Thursday, 29 March, beginning at 1100 at the State House in Columbia.

Veteran Affairs Seminar

  [Posted 03/14/18]
A Veteran Affairs Seminar will be held at noon on Wednesday, 28 March, at the Elks Lodge on McGee Rd. See the announcement below. Note that you must RSVP. Lunch will be provided.

VA Bus Service to Columbia

  [Posted 03/07/18]
Jim Whiteside announced at the Vets Helping Vets meeting this morning that he has received his certification to drive the VA Clinic's bus and the bus will resume service from Anderson to Columbia next Tuesday.

National Vietnam War Veterans Day

  [Posted 03/06/18]
On Tuesday, March 28, 2017, the President signed into law S. 305, the “Vietnam War Veterans Recognition Act of 2017,” which encourages the display of the U.S. flag on March 29, National Vietnam War Veterans Day. We are coming up on the first anniversary and are thrilled to witness our national colors flying annually throughout the country to honor Vietnam veterans!
Read more on the attached page.
[Thanks to Warren Lutz for this information.]

Veterans Resource Fair

  [Posted 02/28/18]
Mark your calendars. Sammy Lewis, the Anderson County Veterans Service Officer, reports that the Veterans Resource Fair will take place in Columbia on April 24. This day was called Veterans Recognition Day last year but has been renamed. Numerous organizations that assist and interact with veterans will have representatives there. More information when it becomes available.

Answers About Veterans' Benefits

  [Posted 02/28/18]
Do you have questions about veterans' benefits. An all day, in-depth questions and answers session will be held in Seneca on May 11. It's sponsored by the Piedmont Chapter of the MOAA, and the $20 per person fee will get you a buffett lunch. Check out the schedule and details on the attached leaflet.

Membership Dues

  [Posted 11/08/17][Reposted 02/21/18]
I just today, 02/21/18, sent out an email to EIGHT of our annual members reminding them that their dues are in arrears and telling them that National will cancel their memberships (one year after their dues expiration dates) if dues are not paid. So once again I am notifying everyone that Paid Life Members never have to pay dues again.

If you are not a Paid Life Member, your annual membership dues were payable on August 31. National Bylaws read as follows:

Section 610(d) The membership year and the annual dues shall expire on the 31st day of August of each year. New members joining the MCL between August 31st and the last day of February will pay the full amount of the current National Dues + $5.00 Initiation fee; new members joining between 1 March and August 30th, will pay ˝ half the current National Dues + $5.00 Initiation fee. The Current Annual renewal rate will be due on the 31st day of August of each year.

So please see the Detachment 1106 Paymaster, Lloyd Cornelius, to find out how much you owe and to arrange payment.
Once you are all caught up with your dues you could avoid ever paying dues again by becoming a Paid Life Member. The cost is determined by your age.
More than two-thirds of the Detachment 1106 members are MCL Paid Life Members. To become a Life Member, you must already be a "Member in Good Standing" which means your annual dues must be current. Becoming a Life Member is still a good deal because Annual Dues may have to rise before long to keep up with Department and National fees. A check made out to Marine Corps League and given to your Detachment Paymaster will purchase your Life Membership. See the current fee schedule at right.  
      - 35   $500  
  36 - 50   $400  
  51 - 64   $300  
      65 & Over   $200  

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